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Daily Deals & Discounts

Valid for medical & recreational patients, California & Tijuana residents – in-store only.

Patient Deals

*Effective 05/18/2022*

First Time Patient Deal ($10 minimum purchase)

1st Visit – 10% OFF , 2nd Visit – 20% OFF & 3rd Visit – 30% OFF

Birthdays & Referrals: $5 OFF ($10 minimum purchase)

Veteran’s, Senior Citizen’s (65+), & First Responder’s Discount:

10% OFF (Must present valid Identification Card)

(Certain deals may not be combined) (Ask a budtender for more details)


Outsource Brand Specials  

BLUE PRINT $1 BOGO : Buy Any BluePrint Flower, get Triple Lindy 1/8th for $1

CASUAL $1 BOGO : Buy Any Casual Concentrates, get 1g Badder for $1

CRYSTAL CLEAR $1 BOGO : Buy Any Crystal Clear Vape, get .5g Smarties For $1

DECIBEL 30% OFF : ALL Decibel 1/8th’s 30% off

FLAVORADE $1 BOGO : Buy Any Flavorade Cart, get 1g Cart for $1 (Xeno, Mimosa, or Sundae Paper)

GOLDROP $1 BOGO: Buy any GoldDrop, Get a 510 Battery For $1

LA FAMILIA $1 BOGO: Buy any La Familia, get 10mg Horchata Micro.

SAUCE $1 BOGO : Buy Any Sauce Disposable, Get A 100mg Burst Gummy for $1 Or Sauce Pre Rolls

STONEY POINT $1 BOGO: Buy MVP 3.5g get another MVP 3.5g for $1

TORCH $1 BOGO : Buy Any Torch Vape, get 1g Vape for $1

TRADITIONAL $20% & $5 OFF : All floor Stock

TURN $1 BOGO: Buy any Turn, get a (Black/White) Battery, pod or disposable.

YOUR HIGHNESS $1 BOGO: Buy any YOUR HIGHNESS 1/8th get another YOUR HIGHNESS for $1

TURTLE PIE CO. $1 BOGO & $5 OFF: Buy (Low Low 3.5g), get (Low Low 3.5g) for $1

WEED FOR WARRIORS $1 BOGO : Buy Any Weed For Warriors Concentrates, get 1g Badder For $1

NASHA $1 BOGO : .5g Live Rosin Disposable for $1 (Honey Banana)